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California Cannabis & Hemp Initiative 2020


We have a chance as citizens to fix the problems caused by the corporate-minded, greedy purveyors of Prop 64. We can show our leaders what our will is, not live according to the bottom line.

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No Longer Will We Be Beholden To Prohibition, We’ll Retake Our Liberty

The California Cannabis and Hemp Initiative is legislation written for each and every citizen of this great state. We MUST repeal Prop 64 and see cannabis and hemp be treated the way it needs to be treated. Not lumped into the same category as harmful substances and instruments of death, but the medicine that it is. CCHI 2020 is not designed to rake in millions for a few, but to release us from the tyrannical grip of PROHIBITION and set the record straight about cannabis and hemp.

About California Cannabis & Hemp Initiative 2020 Mission and Vision

CCHI 2020 will save us from further damage caused by Prop 64
The War on Drugs… Trillions wasted and millions of lives destroyed with pointless and greedy legislation aimed to line the pockets of a few. Prop 64 in California was another example in a long line of Trojan Horse’s that promised the moon and stars but delivered terror and bureaucracy. Never before has it become necessary to consider the planet so heavily in every decision we make. CCHI 2020 will do more than pump cash into a failing economy, it will help us take the mandatory steps to preserve our state’s natural wonders.


Help out the campaign and get the money we need to take back the power and free our state.

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An audio report card, recorded January 2019, learn why Prop 64 is really Prop Nightmare.

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